The next three practical examples shall demonstrate our ability to support your theoretical optical questions as well your experimental investigations.

- - Does your company want to expand its portfolio of filter based microplate readers through the development of a new Plattformtechnology of monochromators?
Sun Ray-Optics will calculate and experimentally varify the required monochromators and coupling optics according to your specifications.

-- Planning on equipping an FTIR Instrument (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer) for your online monitoring of flue gas with a multiple-reflection-measurement cell?
Sun-Ray-Optics simulates an appropriate White Cell and calculates the coupling of the instrument to the cell.

-- Thinking about replenishing your portfolio of readers with a fast polychromator based instrument covering a wide spectral range?
Sun-Ray-Optics implements your specifications and calculates the complete optics together with the holografic grating polychromator.